When Jessica, owner of Hathorway,asked me to collaborate with her for branding, I couldn’t say yes quick enough! I love working with other female entrepreneurs who are as passionate as she is about the product and brand she is creating. It not only helps me grow as a small business owner but as an individual. […]

If you scroll through my Instagram feed Monica Vargas Photography, you’ll probably see a lot of my earlier work, maybe even personal posts before my profile became a business page. I’ve grown so much within the last year but back then I had no idea how to build my portfolio. So today I’d like to […]

People ask Brian and I all the time, how we make our marriage/relationship work. And that’s just it, we put in work. But it’s a choice we make everyday from the moment we wake up to moment we lay our heads down at night together. We’re not perfect; we’re still human, we do fight.  So […]

Fashion Editorial

Mar 26, 2019

I think this is my best work to date! Lara Jade is a huge inspiration to me. So I had her style in mind when I planned this shoot. Being creative is all about experimenting. But to execute a shoot like this takes time, effort and patience. From creating a mood board, to finding a […]


Mar 18, 2019

Ok let’s throw it back to a year ago! When I participated in my first styled shoot. Mind you, I was as introverted as it gets at this time. Talking to other people was literally paralyzing. So it was a huge feat for me to put myself out there and collaborate with other creatives. With […]